St Saviours Church

St Saviours Church, Knightsbridge

St Saviours Church in Walton Place Knightsbridge originally designed by Belgrave Square architect George Basevi in 1838 was an interesting and challenging project. The brief to Will Caradoc-Hodgkins of leading London residential architect and interior designer 4D Studio was the conversion of a lofty church directly behind Harrods into a private residence whilst at the same time creating a smaller place of worship for parishioners.

This included the unusual request to re-locate the organ and create a massive acoustic wall between the house and the church. However this proved to be small fry compared with the task of supporting the church on 40 hydraulic jacks to allow excavation for an underground swimming pool and games room. The a four storey home with basement swimming pool was owned for six years by Les Misérables and Miss Saigon writer Alain Boublil who sold it in 2009. It has since undergone a makeover to create one of the finest private homes in Knightsbridge and was on the market for £50 million