Architectural Services & Interior Design

We are pleased to offer flexible approaches to our clients, relating to both architectural and interior design requirements. This can include our own team or our specialist consultant partners, with whom we work regulary.


Bringing Ideas to Life

From refurbishments to new builds, the design team at Stiles & Co are here to work with you, to achieve and deliver your vision.


Working Closely With Clients

Providing planning, design, construction and project management services, we work closely with our clients to ensure the end result brings creative ideas to life.


Design Team

The design team will spend time with you to develop a real understanding of what you want – whether it’s the best use of existing interior space, an extension or new build. And if you can’t describe exactly what you’re after, but just know it’s not what you have right now, we’ll help you to visualise a scheme to suit.


Project Advice

As a multidisciplinary firm we can offer advice on all aspects of your project.

Topographical & Measured Surveys

Prior to any refurbishment or new build scheme, it is vital to ensure that an accurate survey of the existing land and buildings is undertaken. Here at Stiles & Co we can arrange all survey work, utilising modern equipment and techniques.

This helps save time and money in the long run, simply due to accurate record keeping from day one.